Immeasurably More (Our Love Story), part 2

I was immediately drawn to David’s passion for life and love for God.  Our first date went well and we went on another a week later.  This continued for about a month or two.  However, David had lost his first wife to cancer and was now raising two young daughters by himself.  This caused me to think things through maybe too much and created enough anxiety that after a couple of months I decided that I wasn’t sure if things should move forward or not.  I asked David if we could remain friends. 

Well, the entire weekend after our “friends” conversation, I could not help but think I had made a definite mistake.  As I sat in my bedroom, thinking things over, my eyes fell on the list I had made at age 19.  One of the qualities that jumped out at me was written as “would make a great Dad”.  Immediately, I realized that David already was a good dad.   Although I had not met the girls yet, I could see it in the way he spoke of them and in the ways others talked about his special relationship with them.  A light bulb came on and I realized that even though David did not come “packaged” as I thought he should, I had been given the opportunity to spend time with this incredible man of God, who incidentally also made me laugh and feel great about myself, and I was choosing to throw it away because of fear of something different.


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