Immeasurably More (Our Love Story), part 3

I meekly called David back and told him I, in fact, did NOT want to remain just friends but had let fear stop me from taking a leap of faith.  We fell into daily phone calls and dates once a week.  A month later I met his girls for the first time–two sweet, precious and beautiful girls–and fell in love with them, too.  Six months after meeting the girls, David proposed on my 30th birthday, talking about God’s plan for marriage and how he believed the two of us could do more for God together than both of us remaining single.  (He said a lot of other really great stuff, too, but I get to keep some of it to myself!)  Three months after that magical proposal, we had the perfect wedding, all four of us.  I have no doubt that God brought us together.


One thought on “Immeasurably More (Our Love Story), part 3

  1. erryn gray says:

    how precious is your love story 🙂 I definatly think that God had you all picked out for each other, you are two of the most amazing people, and I am blessed to call you both my friend.

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