Vision for Your Family

Wh-Wh-at?  No, I am not talking about eyeglasses, contacts or laser surgery.  (Although I would love to have laser eye surgery…oh wait, I digress…)  What I am talking about is having a vision and mission for your family.  Think about it.  In the corporate world, your business has a mission statement, goals are set,  and you are looking intentionally into the future. 

Why wouldn’t you do this for your family? 

What if your children had a sense of purpose because they knew what your family stood for?  What if your kids were trained that their siblings are their best friends? What if your family did what they could to make sure they were more on fire for God than the previous generation?  To quote my husband’s favorite movie, “What we do today echoes in eternity” (Maximus in Gladiator).  What if YOUR family had the power to impact the world, the church and the future? I firmly believe that God wants to use your family to change the world.   

And guess what?  I’ve got just the tool for you to get started.  Go to and register for the Family Vision workshop this Friday & Saturday at, Edmond.  It is by far the best thing our family has ever done.  They will give you the tools to create a family of purpose and the encouragement to make it happen!

Do you have a mission statement or core values for your family?  Please share…


One thought on “Vision for Your Family

  1. Yes! We share our family vision with our extended family! My little sisters (21 years younger) have bought into the vision. It is so important because it helps you know where you are going! Our vision helped us know that we HAVE to homeschool!

    Love it! Love you MB!

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