Red Gloves: A Christmas Tradition

Red gloves?  What’s that got to do with Christmas?  Let me tell you. 

There are four precious books by my favorite author, Karen Kingsbury, that are short novels in a “red gloves” series.  Each book in this series happens to be 12 chapters long and therefore, can be read…say, over the 12 days of Christmas.  Each story has a pair of red gloves somehow interwoven into the plot.  The first book we read is called “Gideon’s Gift” and is pretty amazing…very tender and sweet.   The next year we read Maggie’s Miracle and then Hannah’s Hope.  This year we will be reading Sarah’s Song.  My older girls love reading these books aloud with me every December.  These stories are beautifully written and will touch your heart every time, making you thankful for what blessings you have this Christmas and reminding you of the true reason for the season.

The author even takes things a step further and encourages your family or church group come up with a “red gloves” service project.  It can be anything, like taking gloves to your local homeless shelter or children’s home.  Karen Kingsbury feels like red is a symbol of Christmas and gloves are a symbol of a warm heart and being the hands of Jesus.

So I guess I’d better stop by Mardel and pick up Sarah’s Song.  Can’t believe December is here!  What does your family do to help stay focused during Jesus’ birthday?  Leave a comment and let me know.


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