Book Review: Buried Alive by Roy Hallums

Buried Alive: The true story of kidnapping, captivity and a dramatic rescue by Roy Hallums

This is the true story of Roy Hallums, an American contractor who was working in Baghdad in 2004 when he was captured and taken hostage by Iraqi insurgents.  For ten long months he endured harsh treatment & neglect as his kidnappers held out for an impossible ransom of 12 million dollars.  Although Mr. Hallums could have been left emotionally and physically impaired due to these conditions, he chose to stay hopeful and alert.  This positive attitude greatly influenced his eventual rescue and overall recovery.

 Mr. Hallums tells his story of captivity in an easy to read format with amazingly vivid details.  As his story unfolded, I  found myself impatiently waiting to find out what  would happen next.  My heart was also touched by Mr. Hallums’ family; this book chronicles their story of heartbreak and hope just as much as it does his own hostage story. 

I definitely recommend this book.  This true story inspires you to be amazed by the spirit of human nature and proud of the country we are privileged to live in.


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