Women of Faith Worship

Familiar with Women of Faith?  

Basically, Women of Faith is an inspiration two day event for women that is full of worship, speakers, drama, dancing & more.  And yes, like any good women’s event you can go from “bawling to squalling” in a matter of minutes.  I really admire the Women of Faith team and have been blessed beyond measure when I’ve been able to attend a conference.  Women, it’s definitely something you should do for yourself!  If you want more info, check out their website at: http://www.womenoffaith.com/

Anyway, I was recently given the sweet opportunity to review their most recent CD entitled “Women of Faith Worship”.  At first I honestly thought it would sound “too churchy” for me.  This is due to the fact that I generally prefer a kickin’ worship set and I thought (my own preconceived notion) that theirs may sound too tame.  I guess I was being a music snob.  But then I popped the CD into my car player and was blown away.  They managed to take my favorite songs, add beautifully rich vocals, crazy talented musicians and take me on an intimate worship journey that I absolutely loved.

Tracks 4 & 8 are two of my favorite of this CD.  Track 4 is the song “Lead Me To The Cross” which is a song I am familiar with, but the vocals on the Women of Faith Worship CD take it to a new level.  Track 8 is the song “Healer” and their arrangement is beautiful and inspirational.  So I was completely loving those 2 tracks and then along came track 9, “Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing” and all I can think is um…how did they know all of my favorite songs and then put them on the same CD???   

So this (reformed) music snob says yes, definitely-go buy the Women of Faith Worship CD, but only if you want to be touched & inspired by this music!


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