Book Review: An Amish Love

An Amish Love is a collection of three novellas by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller & Kelly Long.  Each novella contains a unique Amish love story that stands alone, but the authors all use Yoder’s Pantry, a local restaurant and store, as part of their story. 

The first novella, “A Marriage of the Heart” by Kelly Long tells the story of Abigail Kauffman & Joseph Lambert.  Abigail is anxious to escape the lonely home she shares with her father,  so beautiful Abigail conjures up a story that finds her marrying the handsome Joseph Lambert, who recently returned to their Amish community.  Their relationship starts out very complicated but as Abigail & Joseph learn more about themselves & each other, the reader wonders if their love will turn tender and sweet after all?   

The second novella is “What the Heart Sees” by Kathleen Fuller.  Ellie Chup seems to have come to terms with losing her best friend, Caroline in an accident five years earlier, although the affects of the accident are something she has to live with every day.  Ellie’s beau, John, has since married someone else.  Ellie has found contentment in selling her own brand of jams and jellies and caring for her family, despite the blindness she incurred after the accident.  Now Ellie’s cousin Isaiah is planning to marry her friend Sarah Lynne and Ellie is excited to help with the wedding details.  But when Sarah Lynne’s brother, Chris, returns to town, he is carrying a grudge that may affect Isaiah and Sarah Lynne’s wedding and life together.  What unfolds is a story of redemption, grace and finding love in the most unexpected places.

The third novella, “Healing Hearts” is by Beth Wiseman and tells the story of Levina and Naaman Lapp.  Naaman is just returning to his wife, Levina after an eleven month trip to Ohio.  His family is confused by Naaman’s leave of absence and Levina struggles to trust Naaman again, especially when their community gets wrapped up in circumstances they don’t understand and rumors abound.  Will Levina’s strong faith enable her to trust and love her husband again, in their later years of life? 

Each one of these stories touched my heart and showed tenderness, faith and compassion as the characters struggled with aspects of their Amish background, only to realize that God’s redemptive love was there all along.  These authors also have full-length Amish romance novels that I will be looking for because I enjoyed this collection very much.  If you like sweet stories of faith and romance, An Amish Love is for you.


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