Book Review: Same Life, New Story

Same Life, New Story:  Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life by Jan Silvious

A refreshing read for women.  In Same Life, New Story, Jan Silvious uses each of ten chapters to focus on a woman from the Bible and how that woman “changed her story” when things did not look as if they were going well.  The author also tells the stories of modern-day women who choose to make their stories different,  despite difficult circumstances.    The message that with God’s help you are in charge of your attitude, and ultimately-your life story- is empowering and encouraging.

The book itself is an easy read & could be used as a ten week Bible study for a group of women.  Each chapter ends with sections including “personal reflection”, “journal entry” and “group discussion questions” that allow the reader to truly digest what they have read and how it can apply to their life.  I believe that this would be a great book to use in a group study (although I did not), as the chapters and questions are easy to apply to your life and the length of each chapter plus questions is fairly short.   If you are looking for your next ladies Bible study book, this just may be it!


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