Book Review: Daddy Dates by Greg Wright

Daddy Dates by Greg Wright is a great resource for dads and was an easy read. The most enjoyable parts of the book were Mr. Wright’s funny anecdotes, often of his own mishaps in his journey as a father of four girls.

Mr. Wright shares how simply “dating your daughter” has been the single most important thing he has done as a parent. In the book, he gives insights of how, what, when, where & why this has happens in his family. He gives you specific ideas and shares what has worked for him, so anyone who reads this book will be able to make this happen in their own family. Because so many families fight for “family time” and positive relationships with their children, this book is a vital resourece for the family who wants to make family the most important thing. As a mom of three daughters, I would definitely recommend this book to any parent.


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