God’s Amenities

On a vacation a few years back, we took two days to stay at a cozy lodge on the beach. It was a cute place with fireplaces in the rooms, wonderful pastries for breakfast and an amazing view of the Oregon coast. My favorite amenity offered at this temporary haven, however, was their “turn down service”–where employees would actually come to your room, turn down your bed & leave small chocolate pieces on your pillows. I had never stayed in a place where you actually had chocolate left on your pillows. I had heard about it, read about it, seen it in movies, but this was my first experience with it actually happening for me.


As I thought about the amazing amenities this lodge offered and how the owners made everything seem so “homey”, my eyes wandered outside to our spectacular ocean view. I went through the glass door, stood on a hill and listened to the waves crash & roll… and then crash & roll some more. As I took a breath of the fresh air, I had an astounding thought. This amazing ocean was one of God’s amenities for me. Can you just see our Heavenly Father designing the world and saying things like, “Oh man, check out this rain forest, they’re really gonna get a kick out of it!” or “I think I’ll drop these giant Redwoods in California…my children will be in awe of these magnificent trees” or “this Grand Canyon will display my splendor, I hope they like it” or even “Oklahoma’s gonna have some great sunsets. I hope it makes my children feel at home.”

Think about it. What are some of your favorite “amenities” of this earth we call home? Can you believe our Heavenly Father created it all for us? Yeah, He’s cool like that.


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