Q & A with a Loser’s Wife-Part 1

q & a

We get a lot of questions about David’s experience on The Biggest Loser and love sharing our family’s story with others, so here’s a post #1 dedicated to some Q & A with a Loser’s Wife.

(Post #2 coming next week.)

Q: What was it like when David was gone for both of you? How long did you have to wait to see him again? Was it hard being separated from David for so long?

A: Once David was informed that he made the show, he was isolated from all phone and electronic communication of any kind. (No phone calls, no emails, no texts, no apps, no instant photo sharing – for real!) We wrote and received letters…like mailbox to mailbox with postage stamps and everything. 🙂 It was actually kind of sweet, although quite different for this day and age of instant communication. We have saved those letters as they are precious treasures now. All communication was monitored, so David was unable to share any details that were pertinent to the show (including how he was doing in competitions, weight loss, etc) in our letters.

It was obviously extremely difficult to be separated (on both sides), we missed him and he missed us. A LOT. But we made the best of it, recognizing the opportunity he had been given does not present itself often. We had three Skype calls during the 4 1/2 months he was at the Biggest Loser ranch and the girls and I would move Heaven and Earth (and all of our schedules) to be sitting on the couch in front of our family computer to see his face on that screen at the appointed time. David had been gone 4 months before we saw him in person, when we were invited to California for his make-over reveal.

David receiving a Skype call from us while at the BL Ranch

Our family, just minutes after being reunited with David at make-over week

Q: How hard was it for you and the family to adapt to the same lifestyle as him (eating habits and exercise)? How do you incorporate the whole family into activity time? Do you work out together?

A: I posted about some of the ways our family incorporated healthy habits here: https://thebrownhouse.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/lessons-from-a-losers-wife/. Along with changes in the kitchen, having a healthy lifestyle has definitely become a common topic of conversation in our home. We love for all of us to be active, and that looks different for each of us. The older girls and I enjoy going to the gym with David and getting our butts kicked in a great work-out, lead by him. He and I attended a boot camp together at our gym for a few weeks. We all work out on our own or with friends also. Our youngest is encouraged to ride her bike, scooter, play soccer, etc. I will say that our entire family (including the 6 year old) has completed two 5k races together since David has returned home. That’s pretty cool. David and I ran a half-marathon in April and that was definitely inspired by the fact that we learned (through David’s Biggest Loser experience) that we are capable of more than we realized.

Q:Was it difficult for David to share his faith with those in the entertainment community? Did they embrace him, or reject him when he spoke of his relationship with Christ?

A: Sunday was often a “down day” for the Biggest Loser contestants and several of them would get together for worship, prayer, encouragement and Bible study in the living room on the BL ranch. There were often prayers being offered in group/team settings before competitions and weigh-ins. David lived out who he was, including his faith, daily. He had great relationships with his teammates, trainers, production staff, and others involved with the show because they became a part of his extended “family.” The show may not have vocally presented him as a follower of Christ, but I believe that anyone watching the show could see his light shine.

Thanks for all of the questions, you guys are awesome! If you are curious about any part of this experience for us, leave it in the comments section and you just might see it addressed in the next post.


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