Q & A from a Loser’s Wife – Part 2

q & a

We get a lot of questions about David’s experience on The Biggest Loser and love sharing our family’s story with others, so here’s post # 2 dedicated to some Q & A with a Loser’s Wife.


Q: How hard was it to “keep the secret” of where he was and what he was doing with everyone asking?

A: VERY. The Biggest Loser had been filming for over two months before NBC released the cast list. Before they released the cast list publicly, our family was not able to share where David was and what he was doing. If people in our circles asked where David was, we would tell them that David was in California for some training and then we would quickly change the subject and ask about their family! The day that NBC gave the press release that included the season 15 contestants and their bios, we felt such a sense of relief. It was a fun day for us to be able to share some amazing news with our friends and family. And we were surrounded with overwhelming support and love.

Q: How have you adjusted to the new schedule, travel, celebrity life? Do you have times set aside to be the normal couple you were prior, or is the new normal normal?

A: David definitely has had some incredible opportunities since the show aired and we are thankful. (To God be the glory!) This does mean that he does a lot of public speaking and traveling. Sometimes it’s easy on us, sometimes it’s hard. When I think about how he was gone for 4 1/2 months during the filming of Biggest Loser, I feel like that experience definitely helped prepare us for times when he is away now.

You know, there are a lot of families that have a parent that travels for their job periodically. We have been fortunate to connect with some of these families in our church and swap support and tips. David does recognize that the girls and I need to spend some one on one time with him once he returns from a trip, and he is pretty awesome at making that happen. I think just having that awareness is huge.

Oh and I’m not sure we’re comfortable with the word “celebrity” – that seems a little crazy. He is recognized at times when we are out and about, so we’ve learned to budget more time into our schedule if needed. We honestly really love meeting other people or reconnecting with people we haven’t seen in awhile. It’s pretty remarkable, actually, to hear from other people how David’s story has inspired them. Who wouldn’t love to hear that?

Q: What was it like dealing with the positive reactions and even negative reactions if any, when thrown into the public eye?

A: Since The Biggest Loser is an inspirational show, and David became a favorite contestant, the majority of reactions we’ve received have been extremely positive. It’s actually pretty cool & extremely humbling to have people pulling for you that you’ve never even met.

Q: Have you ever struggled with being overweight yourself?

A: Let’s see…how to answer that question? I have been chubby. I have been inactive and unhealthy, yes. You might not realize it by looking at me, but my BMI currently teeters on the line between normal and overweight. At the end of my pregnancy (just over 6 years ago), I weighed 80 lbs more than I currently do. But what I want you hear is that being healthy is sometimes different and WAY more important than a number on a scale. If you are taking care of your body with putting good fuel (food/water) into it & challenging yourself with activity, if you are increasing in strength and resting when needed, then chances are you are treating your body right and that’s what matters. 🙂

Q: How can spouses encourage and support that kind of tough transformation without a TV show’s help?

A: I love this question. We realize we were given the gift of a lifetime when David was selected for the Biggest Loser. The reality is that most people do not have this opportunity, but transformation CAN still happen at home. There are a couple of people who went all the way through the casting process with David and at the end, did not get selected for the show. They were highlighted at the season finale for making big changes without the show’s help and let me tell you, it was impressive.

If your spouse is wanting to make a change, your encouragement and support will be such a blessing to them. Setting some goals and plugging in to a fitness community (gym, boot camp, personal trainer, nutritionist, calorie tracker/accountability, weight loss group, etc) is way more fun with a friend or spouse. Being absolutely available to work these things into your family’s or spouse’s schedule will make the road to change much smoother. Maybe you attend some classes with your spouse, maybe you watch the kids certain nights so they can have one on one training. Pray for them and with them. Be their biggest cheerleader and proudest fan. It is VERY possible and your support can make all the difference in the world.

P.S. Are you interested in bringing David to your next event as a speaker? We would LOVE that! Check out his speaking page here: http://davidbrowninspires.com/my-speaking-page/



2 thoughts on “Q & A from a Loser’s Wife – Part 2

    • thebrownhouse says:

      Hey Wanda! We were able to tell David’s job and they were extremely supportive and excited…and sworn to secrecy. 🙂 We also told a few family members and close friends who had to keep it on the down low but could help our family as needed during that timeframe. They were a true blessing to us.

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