Embrace Your Season

Honored to be sharing over at the LifeChurch.tv Sisters blog today! http://lcsisters.tv/2015/05/18/embrace-your-season/

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10431179_10152139857791451_8882665317328428534_o by Melissa Brown

Do you have a favorite season? Mine is autumn. The crisp air, the flannel shirts, the bonfires, the caramel everything, the excuse for hot chocolate, and most definitely, the brilliant show our Creator puts on with the turning of the leaves. Oh, I just love it!

Have you ever noticed how we use weather-related terms to sometimes explain what is going on with us personally? For example,  “a dry spell,” “being snowed under,” “on cloud nine,” or “a ray of hope”.

As I think back on my life, I can see different seasons playing out. Some were awesome, maybe described as spring because it was a time of new beginnings and beauty. Some seasons of my life were not so awesome, probably best described as winter because they were pretty cold and dark.

As I’m having this reflective moment, I realize something important:

My prayer life is…

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