Book Review: Of Stillness and Storm by Michele Phoenix


Of Stillness and Storm, written by Michele Phoenix, is the story of Sam and Lauren Coventry.  Their tale unfolds as the author presents alternating chapters between present day and past day, creating not only a story, but a rounded look at the characters and how their relationship evolved from becoming acquainted through theological discussions in college, to mutual admiration, courtship, and marriage.  As a reader, you are thrilled when they are finally able to conceive a baby boy, Ryan and years later, when they are able to take their dreams into the mission field.

You find Sam and Lauren and their son, Ryan, present day, serving as missionaries in Nepal where Sam’s passion for the cause is inspiring, but makes him unaware of the day to day realities his wife and son are facing as he’s often visiting remote villages for weeks at a time.   Relationships become strained and Lauren’s attempts to communicate their family’s needs to Sam are downplayed.  A story that did not interest me at first, soon became compelling as a look into Lauren’s past awakens her need for connection, and subsequently, her family begins to unravel even further.  Of Stillness and Storm offers a sobering look at how ministry has the ability to harm a family and shows one woman’s journey back to God through trials and growth she experiences along the way.

Disclaimer:  A free copy of this book was provided to me for the review, although the opinions expressed are my own.

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