Review: Kids Visual NIV Study Bible

NIV Study Bible

What a fun way for kids to get easily engaged in the Bible!

The first thing I noticed (and loved) was how each book of the Bible started with an intro page, giving readers information on who wrote the book, why it was written, where it happened, what some of the stories are in that book, and more. So handy.

NIV study bible page copy

The second feature that I noticed (and yes, loved) were the wide yellow margins where a reader could make notes AND specific verses were often highlighted and more information regarding that verse was given in this area.

NIV study bible margin copy

The NIV Kids’ Visual Study Bible is that…VISUAL and those visual elements (charts, pictures, graphics, family trees, etc) are sprinkled throughout and definitely add interest in the material you are reading. I have the hardback copy and it’s very sturdy.

I will be recommending this Bible to everyone I know, for children ages 8 and up.

And I am even enjoying it as an adult!

This Bible was provided to me, free of charge, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review of the product.


2 thoughts on “Review: Kids Visual NIV Study Bible

  1. I am so glad you posted this! A friend and I were talking tonight about finding our boys a study Bible. And I think this may be perfect! I love reading your posts, and miss you so much!

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