About Melissa

With a degree in social work, Melissa is a former caseworker for a local group home as well as a former ministry leader and church daycare director. She now spends her work days with the Salvation Army, as Executive Director of their Boys and Girls Clubs in Greater Oklahoma.

In 2003, Melissa was drawn to widowed single dad David and they married in 2004. After years of desiring to be a wife and mom, God gave her the opportunity to be both at once, and she loves it. Her favorite day of the week is Sunday, when her family gets together after church to eat, laugh and play board games. Melissa and David have three daughters, Jordan (age 22), Mackenzie (age 19), and Trinity (age 9).

Melissa also enjoys coffee shops, book stores, anything caramel, salty snacks over sweet ones, being a wife and mom, reading, listening to music, traveling, praying, adventuring, and spending time with her amazing friends. Oh, and she is absolutely honored to be a contributing writer at the Oklahoma City Moms Blog, check it out at:  http://oklahomacity.citymomsblog.com/

Fun Fact: Melissa’s husband was a contestant on Season 15 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and lost an astounding 222 pounds, and was runner-up for the season. It was uh-may-zing.

Hear Melissa’s story of how she has seen God do “Immeasurably More” in her life and be encouraged as she inspires women to love the life they have been given.

For booking requests, please email melissa1stronger@gmail.com

Photo Credit for Profile Picture: Cassie Duffle Photography


photo provided by NBC

photo provided by NBC


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