iFly: We FLEW!

In my 20’s, sky-diving was definitely on my bucket list. I even researched it, found a local company, and tried to get a group to go. But…it didn’t happen. And then that window passed as marriage and motherhood became my greatest adventure (and I aged a little.) Somewhere along the way, I found myself feeling way more panicked than excited when I thought of sky-diving or other activities involving great height.

So when the opportunity was presented for contributors of Oklahoma City Moms Blog to experience iFly, an indoor sky-diving facility, I got super excited. If I could experience the thrill of sky-diving in an indoor wind tunnel, that was more my style. AND our flight was scheduled for the week of Trinity’s birthday, so the fact that I got to invite her was even more amazing. (Thanks for the “cool mom” points, guys!)


After completing the check-in process, we toured the impressive facility (think amazing date nights, epic birthday parties, family fun or out-of-the-box team building.) Next, we had the thrill of watching another group fly. Then it was almost our turn!

We met our instructor, went through an orientation, and suited up. After walking into the tunnel and getting seated and sealed in, the wind began blowing and, one by one, we walked up to the door with arms raised and then leaned into the wind, like a trust fall. Our instructor helped us find the right position and just like that…we flew!

It’s kind of hard to tell, what with the wind velocity and all, but I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time.

iFly MiFly T

And Trinity loved it, too. My little adventurer was wide-eyed and all grins.

Each flight was about a minute long, although it felt a lot longer than that. We had two flights each. During our second flight, the instructor actually did a tandem move with us, holding onto our suit and taking us to the top of the tunnel, spinning in circles the whole way. OMG, I can’t stop smiling just thinking about it as I write this. What a thrill.

iFly “is the experiential entertainment company that created modern indoor skydiving…we make the dream a flight a reality by giving our customers ‘wings’ in a safe and reliable environment.”

And they delivered.

Whether sky-diving is on your bucket list or outside of your comfort zone, I can effortlessly give iFly two giant thumbs up.

iFly…We FLEW!